Friday, May 8, 2009

Working on a commission

Well, I got permission to post progress images of the current work that I am creating from the collector who has commissioned the piece.

I almost always say no when someone asks me to do a drawing or painting of there pet but this one is a little different. Yes these two cats are pets but they are a mix of a leopard and another large game cat. They are 3rd generation of the mix and won't get much larger than regular house cats. I found this very interesting and also I was given compositional freedom , which freed me from the usual pet portrait pieces that people are often looking for. I was able to put in a background and have them interact with an environment which my collector wanted to be the yard around there house.

So here we go... the painting will be 27" x 27" when completed and will probably take my a few months to complete due to the large amount of ornamental grass (what was I thinking). The first image below is the black & white compositional sketch and the image below that is the actual painting where the pencil under drawing is about half done.

Composition sketch

Under drawing in progress

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