Go and Paint Another!

 “Feigned Innocence”

Oil on ½” Gessoed Maple Panel

16 x 10

It is always a fantastic day in the studio when you receive an email from one of your galleries informing you that a painting has sold and your payment is on the way. I am always honored that someone decided to purchase one of my paintings to hang on their walls, but I think of it as the highest compliment an individual can give an artist. When purchasing a piece of art, you are telling that artist to go and paint another.

Thank you to Lovetts Gallery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for once again helping one of my pieces to find its home, you are all the best, and I love working with you,

Detail image 1

This painting was inspired by a photography reference trip to Yellowstone a few years back with my friend and fantastic artist Julie Bender. We were driving one of the many roads in Yellowstone looking for wildlife to photograph when we came around a corner and saw this little Red Fox trotting down the road. We immediately turned around and returned to a pull-off near a small pond. As we were scoping out the area around the pond, the Fox popped its head up at the end of the pond and slowly made its way around towards us. The entire time he made his way through the tall grasses, he stopped and looked for a little bite to eat. It was just Julie and me for the longest time, and we had a fantastic time with the little Fox, but as it has often been in Yellowstone, two people with cameras will attract more people with cameras. We were grateful for the time the Fox granted us and moved on.

Detail image 2

To see more of my paintings and drawings available at Lovetts, visit https://www.lovettsgallery.com/artists/2-dimensional/robert-caldwell


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