New work from artists and students in my mentoring studios! (December 2022)

The artists and students I work with have been hard at work again. Below are several new paintings and drawings in various mediums, subjects, and artistic styles from a handful of the artists I work with. I love the joy they each experience once they have completed a new piece, and as always, we work through the difficulties and frustrations of the creative process.

I hope you enjoy their new pieces!

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Urban Landscape, Oil by Paula Smith.

Thursday evening mentoring studio.

Wildlife/Landscape, Oil by Pam Landreth.
Tuesday morning mentoring studio.

Nature/Landscape, Pastel by Sonya Richeson.

Thursday evening mentoring studio.

Wildlife, Oil by Mary Lee Wetzel.

Thursday morning mentoring studio.

Wildlife/Landscape, Watercolor by Katharina Robinson.

Thursday evening mentoring studio.

Nature, Oil by Elizabeth Miller.

Tuesday midday mentoring studio.

Wildlife/Landscape, Graphite pencil by Rich Turney

Thursday morning mentoring studio.

“Krrsantan,” Graphite pencil by Melissa Branch

Thursday morning mentoring studio.

Nature, Acrylic by Marie Lynch.

Thursday evening mentoring studio.

Landscape, Oil by Karen Knorr.

Thursday morning mentoring studio.


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