Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Drawing for Richmond Audubon Society

I have been asked if I could donate a piece to the Richmond Audubon Society for their Annual Potluck Dinner and Auction. This auction raises money for RAS to do a number of things from education to bird counts and conservation. There have been a couple of helpful people at RAS who have directly and indirectly helped me over the past several months to find the areas where I can find the very subject that has captivated my interest. So, of course, I said yes. Below is the composition sketch for the drawing that I am going to donate to the auction. Keep checking back over the next couple of weeks to see its progress. Also please leave comments/suggestions on a title for this piece and I will pick one before I post the finished drawing. I have also included a link to the RAS Auction site; please visit it for more information.

Composition Sketch for the RAS Auction Drawing, will be done with graphite pencil and final image will be 8" x 6"

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Terry Miller said...

What a fine composition! This will be a really nice little work. Titles .... the worst part of being an artist!